Xing Fu Tang Chooses Snackpass to Provide a Luxury Ordering Experience

Xing Fu Tang Chooses Snackpass to Provide a Luxury Ordering Experience

Xing Fu Tang Chooses Snackpass to Provide a Luxury Ordering Experience


Jul 7, 2023

As Xing Fu Tang (XFT) prepared to open its latest location in New York City's Hudson Yards, it set its sights on a POS brand that would match the area's innovation and make them stand out among the competition. That's when XFT turned to Snackpass to fulfill its vision of offering next-generation ordering solutions and positioning itself as a luxury brand within the high-end mall.

The Goal

XFT had a clear vision of maintaining its status of luxury in the boba industry. Recognizing the significance its hardware plays in the overall customer experience, XFT aimed to integrate next-gen solutions that would blend with its brand identity. Xing Fu Tang, explains, "Our goal when looking for a new POS partner was to align ourselves with the cutting-edge technology at Hudson Yards. We wanted to elevate the ordering experience and provide our customers with a simple-to-use, high-tech ordering experience."

The Challenges

XFT faced challenges in enhancing its in-store experience and accessing innovative marketing and loyalty solutions. By partnering with Snackpass, XFT was able to overcome these challenges and unlock new opportunities in its operations. "Partnering with Snackpass allowed us to utilize Snackpass's latest hardware solutions, such as the Order Ready Screen, to create a seamless ordering and pickup process for our customers. As we were expanding, we recognized the importance of innovative marketing and loyalty strategies to engage and retain customers. Snackpass's marketing and loyalty features provided us with the tools we needed to drive customer acquisition and increase brand loyalty."

The Solution

Flex Register (Snackpass POS)

XFT benefited from Snackpass's Flex Register, a versatile point-of-sale solution that allowed them to switch between a traditional register and a customer-facing kiosk. During peak hours or busy periods, XFT's employees could easily "flex" on and off the register, increasing efficiency and decreasing customer wait times.

Innovative Marketing and Loyalty Features

XFT utilized Snackpass's marketing and loyalty features, such as Guestbook. Through Guestbook, XFT messaged directly with customers to address customer issues, nurture loyalty, and launch targeted promotions. By engaging customers through Guestbook, XFT strengthened brand loyalty and improved the overall customer experience.

Customer Display Screen

XFT integrated Snackpass's Customer Display Screen into their operations. The Customer Display Screen displays customers' order statuses as either 'in progress' or 'ready.' The Customer Display Screen helped eliminate confusion and improve communication between the kitchen staff and customers, ensuring a seamless pickup experience.

The Impact

By implementing Snackpass's Flex Register, Customer Pickup Screen, and marketing and loyalty features, XFT experienced significant improvements in operations and customer engagement. The Flex Register's flexibility allowed them to handle varying demands smoothly, even during busy hours. The Customer Pickup Screen streamlined order fulfillment and enhanced the pickup process. Utilizing Snackpass's Guestbook, XFT delivered personalized experiences, increased customer satisfaction, and fostered long-term loyalty. These solutions elevated XFT's operations, optimized the customer experience, and drove substantial business growth.

The Future

The partnership between XFT and Snackpass paves the way for an exciting future in the competitive boba industry. With an elevated brand image, seamless ordering, and valuable insights, XFT is prepared to continue its expansion. This collaboration showcases the power of next-gen technology in enhancing the customer experience and driving business success.

The XFT and Snackpass partnership at Hudson Yards has revolutionized the luxury boba experience. By addressing challenges, providing a supreme POS system, and offering advanced features, Snackpass has enabled XFT to elevate its brand and deliver seamless ordering. With a strong foundation in place, XFT is set for continued success as they delight customers with their luxurious offerings and exceptional experience.

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